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FOX News
Jul 18, 2009 11:00pm EDT
quote >>> this week on the i had for yal report. states are paying. california, new jersey and new york all on the brink of insolvency after decades of failed policies is. federal government headed down the same path? as they work to push a climate bill. a look at the true cost of cap and trade and how things look. and banning the burka, muslim validate isn't welcome in his country. the journal editorial reported starts right now. >>> welcome to the journal editorial ri port. i'm paul gigot. new jersey, california and new york a decade ago was among
Jul 13, 2009 6:00pm EDT
quote .i.a. did or did not share with congress; a report from california on how the economic downturn is affecting the price of milk; and a debate about making it easier for labor unions to organize workers. major funding for the newshour with jim lehrer is provided by: >> we are intel, sponsors of tomorrow. >> oil, energy, the environment, where are the answers? this isn't a liberal or a conservative issue. it's a human issue. as an energy company, chevron has a great responsibility, so we've improved our own energy efficiency 27% since 1992. and now we ask you to join us in one of the most important
Jul 14, 2009 7:00pm EDT
quote , and a report on california's dget crisis as the state ys its bills with i.o.u.'s. major nding for the newshour with jim lehrer is pvided by: intel. supporting math and science education foromorrow's innovors. and the willi and flora hewletfoundation, working to solve social and enviroental problems home and around the world. and withhe ongoing support of these institutions and foundations. and.. this program was me possible by thcorporation for blic broadcasting. and by contributions to yourbs station fr viewers like you.
Jul 8, 2009 5:00am EDT
in the second half of the year. california faces several more credit down grades... as every day passes... and it does not have a fiscal 2010 budget in place. this week, fitch ratings is the latest to cut california's credit rating to triple b - which is 2 notches above junk status. state lawmakers are in the process of trying to close a 26 billion dollar budget short fall... in the meantime... california is now facing a liquidity problem... because it has no budget, it cannot issue short term bonds to continue bringing money in. "the implications are they'll keep getting downgraded until budget gets solved.. we can see california going down into barely investment grade... i don't believe they will default - that would would be a hurdle.. political suicide for california. brian battle of performance trust is closely watching california's fiscal troubles... he believes the situation could get to the point where the feds step in and help stop the bleeding... "i think california is waiting for the government to come in and give a lifeline...i don't think dc has the cash to hand them becaus
Jul 5, 2009 8:43am EDT
. these are both are california, the next two. >> the california olive oil industry is like the wine industry in california was in the 1970s. you will hear about it very soon. they're doing a tremendous amount of olive oil out in california now. >> i got a dare to see a difference between this. >> we love this. the top ranked of the ten california oils sampled. >> ugh. >> you can do it. >> okay. >> well, i love this oil. >> no, no. the oil is delicious but my body's like, are you drinking oil? tastes good. >> delicious. it's a really mild oil. >> really delicious. >> we thought this was as good as -- >> you must be great on a friday night. >> i thought about some sal va and lime wedges. >> perfect. it is quite good, very good. if i did drink it. >> california, this is a second favorite oil of california. this is unfiltered with a tremendous, fresh olive flavor. almost like olives themselves in the oil. and i don't know if you can tell any difference in that one. >> that i can taste a difference. mainly because i ate it with bread. >> you seem happier. >> i'm happy. the oils taste deliciously.
Jul 21, 2009 8:00pm EDT
not only the same language but the same exact words on health care stuff. >>> california in crisis, big news today as a budget deal is reached but still dark clouds in the golden state, the problem is not solved, not by a long shot. but did you know you also get hotel price assurance? it's a one-two punch of savings -- pow! pow! lower hotel booking fees mean you get a lower total price. plus, if another orbitz customer then books the same hotel for less, we send you a check for the difference, automatically. you must be looking for motorcycle insurance. you're good. thanks. so is our bike insurance. all the coverage you need at a great price. hold on, cowboy. cool. i'm not done -- for less than a dollar a month, you also get 24/7 roadside assistance. right on. yeah, vroom-vroom! sounds like you ran a 500. more like a 900 v-twin. excuse me. well, you're excused. the right insurance for your ride. >>> is president obama destined to repeat history? will he make the same mistakes hillary clinton made 15 years ago? obama seems a bit desperate fighting for his health care plan. let's b
FOX News
Jul 18, 2009 2:00pm EDT
had for yal report. states are paying. california, new jersey and new york all on the brink of insolvency after decades of failed policies is. federal government headed down the same path? as they work to push a climate bill. a look at the true cost of cap and trade and how things look. and banning the burka, muslim validate isn't welcome in his country. the journal editorial reported starts right now. >>> welcome to the journal editorial ri port. i'm paul gigot. new jersey, california and new york a decade ago was among the states most prosperous but after progressive tax policies they are on now on the brink of insolvency. california has begun to hand out ious to its creditors. doesn't sound good for the rest of the country but is the federal government headed down to the same road? here is deputy editor dan hairringter and steve moore. you paid a lot of attention to all these states. what policies do they have in common? >> the wheels have come off in california, new jersey an new york. none of them can pay their bills. california is sending out ious. first time in that h
FOX News
Jul 4, 2009 11:30am EDT
should be like california. >> hey, bud, let's party. >> why is he saying that? >> i bought it table. this chess set. i like those. why don't we order those? >> did michael jackson's death give birth to a new booming business? why michael jackson incorporated is the hottest money maker in america. all that and a news flash. we have all been madoffed. why everybody investor is being hurt by bernie madoff. "cashin' in" starts right now. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] terry: a fourth of july tax revolt tens of thousands of americans rallying in over 1,300 tea parties. protesters have been warning about higher taxes hitting all of us for months all the while being mocked by politicians. >> the thing that bewilders me is the president just cut taxes for 95% of the american people so, i think the tea bags should be directed elsewhere. terry: do we have proof that their aim was right? welcome to "cashin' in." here is our crew it week. congratulations. wayne and jonathan are next. were they right all long along because we are hearing a story about a national sales tax and cap
Jul 21, 2009 2:00pm EDT
states with us to provide an update on how they're putting tax dollars to work. first up is california. at the epicenter of the economic crisis. that's more than any other state. that's because they probably have more roads than any other state. it created or saved 450 jobs. wow. 450 jobs. with more than 400 projects under way. the deputy program manager for the caltrans recovery project and california is gaining momentum and expects up to 1,000 projects before the spending is done. competition is high with bids coming in 30% below estimate. texas received $2.2 billion in highway funds. more than 230 projects under way. steve simmons is the deputy director for the texas department of transportation and his challenge is selecting which projecting will pull through and bids coming in 20% below estimates in the state. massachusetts has gotten up what? 438 million? wow. it saved or created up to 300 jobs. james is the transportation secretary for the mass executive office of transportation. that's a lot to get on a business card. they reduced the project and bids are coming in below estima
Jul 2, 2009 7:00am EDT
by california has been printed and will be sent out today and thus arnold schwarzenegger manages to strike a last-minute budget deal with state government. many other states find themselves strapped for cash this year. we want to talk to you about your views on that. let me introduce you to lisa, senior staff editor for smart yesterday filed a story with the headline about six states getting residents with big tax hikes." thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> how many states find themselves in economic crisis or difficult times this year? guest: the majority. 47 states have the fiscal year 2010 projected shortfalls in their budget. i would say all of them except for three. a few western states are in good shape for next year. host: why are states having big battles over the budget? why not just have deficits? guest: unlike the federal government, states are required to balance their budget by law for the upcoming fiscal year. they cannot borrow. they cannot like the federal government does. they cannot print new money. they have to get things done. most of those states have
Jul 21, 2009 7:00pm EDT
and another who say, the first one is nuts. >>> no new taxes in california, folks. stay with us. oh, hi! welcome to are you all right? a ferocious white whale wrecked my boat. well, i'm sure we can help you, captain... ahab. well, it looks like you haven't had a claim in over four years, so you don't have to pay a deductible. that means you saved $500! $500? i could get an electronic fish-finder. that's the spirit. saving you money on boat insurance. now that's progressive. call or click today. in a long line of amazing performance machines. this is the new e-coupe. this is mercedes-benz. but did you know you also get hotel price assurance? it's a one-two punch of savings -- pow! pow! lower hotel booking fees mean you get a lower total price. plus, if another orbitz customer then books the same hotel for less, >>> stocks still very bullish today. actually, in the last half hour of trading, stocks took victory out of the jaws of defeat. let's get a rundown from rebecca jarvis at earnings. rebecca, how did you swing this? >> i got lucky today. so did a lot of companies. w
Jul 23, 2009 1:30am EDT
place so that i yield. we commend the senator from california -- illinois kim and mr. president, how much time is remaining. >> 27 minutes. >> mr. president, a lead to save the record and have many more democrats seeking time and talent to alert those were coming to the floor that they're going to have to exempt the time, we didn't have all the time we hope for and ask each speaker to try to breed their timing. i yield to senator feinstein and 15 minutes and hope that she would yield back the sizable portion of it. >> and i told you i will do the best i can. thank you mr. president. obviously our right to speak in opposition to this amendment. if passed this amendment would require states like mine california to allow people with a concealed weapon permits from other states to carry a concealed gun or guns even if they fail to meet california's stringent requirements for obtaining a permit to. with her in the center of south dakota said that 5 million people across this nation have speed and permits, we counted 25 and came to 4 million but let's say four or 5 million do hold a week c
Jul 2, 2009 7:30am EDT
of not focusing on it. it's not an easy situation. host: in california there's a headline as getting global coverage. the first iou will be sent to people awaiting income tax rebates. and thousands more iou's will be printed in the next weeks cents -- if a deal cannot be reached. the state is prepared to issue ious equivalent to a month's spending or five the hundred 91 million. we received a tweet from howard. california iou money is not real. guest: i hope it will get back up soon by real money. california is a special case in a lot of ways. it has the same economic problems of every state, only magnified by the size of their economy. and there was a house in bubble. some of their wounds are self- inflicted. 30 years ago that state limited property taxes and shifted expenses to the state. now the state revenue has declined, they cannot afford it. it requires a two-thirds vote in the legislature to raise taxes or even to pass a budget. a small minority in california can bring gridlock if th. california is a combination of a big problem in the economy and specific political rules that hurt
Jul 29, 2009 6:00am EDT
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FOX News
Jul 4, 2009 3:00pm EDT
citizens and businesses. he are is a few examples organization page 45, all of california's housing standards -- you know the one that is on fire all the time -- all of those standards must be imposed on every american community. on page 92 we have to make sure that buildings have a place to plug in your electric hybrid vehicle. i've been looking for a place to plug it in. on page 112, additional credit for fannie mae and freddie mac housing goals for energy efficient and location efficient mortgages and there is an establishment of a green banking center. i wish i could tell you what what a green banking center is but i have no idea. every car sold in america now has an engine capable of operating on alternative fuel. so that way we can pay our farmers to grow corn that we won't eat and burn it up in the gas tanks. won't it be swell? now that we own general motors but it may be a problem with their bottom line. this is your bottom line, i forgot about that. if all of these additions snuck under the cover of darkness weren't bad enough, there are two more inconveniently overlooked f
Jul 9, 2009 7:00pm EDT
. >>> and the devastating economic impact of now california's severe drought. >> no water, no jobs. it's that simple. >> we'll tell you why the national guard is dumping military vehicles off the coast of south carolina. >>> and the plot to dig up hundreds of graves in illinois. i get the question "does it work?" all the time, and you know what, it works. nutrisystem for men: flexible new programs personalized to meet your goals. what's great about nutrisystem is you eat the foods you love and you lose weight. i'm dan marino. i lost 22 pounds on nutrisystem and i've kept it off for three years. for a limited time, get an extra three weeks of meals free! that's right, you can get an extra 21 breakfasts, lunches, dinners, desserts, and snacks. that's 105 meals free! i had awesome results. i mean, i lost 22 pounds, my goal was 20, it came off fast, and the food was great. it's what every guy's been waiting for: it's healthy weight loss and it's flexible. with prices as low as $12 a day, you'll save hundreds over other weight-loss programs. order now and get an extra three weeks of fantastic meals. that's righ
Jul 15, 2009 1:00pm EDT
to the gentleman from, mr. calvert of california, a member of our committee. the chair: the gentleman from california is recognized. mr. calvert: i rise today to bring your attention to the ongoing water crisis in my home state which has been exacerbated by the economic down turn throughout california. statewide the unemployment rate has risen to more than 11%. in the central valley, regional unemployment has reached 20% with some communities, unemployment now up to over 40%. california's water crisis is the result of severe drought conditions on top of federally imposed pumping restrictions that have been placed on our state's critical water infrastructure. the appropriations bill before us provides some funding for a number of california's mid and long-term water resource management projects. unfortunately, many of the projects that are receiving funding are years away from completion and will not provide any assistance to californians suffering today. even the most promising short-term projects in the delta will only provide relief if regulatory permitting anticipated court challenges a
Jul 2, 2009 2:30pm EDT
. they are starting to focus on that in washington. it is not an easy situation. host: california in particular. let's talk about california for a little bit. california readies 30,000 ious. thousands more will be printed in the next week if a deal cannot be reached. it is the equivalent of a months funding for programs that provide supplemental income to the elderly. a tweet that we received from howard% california's ious made it legal tender fight a government decree. guest: this is an unprecedented situation. hopefully they get back up soon. california is a special case in many ways. some of their wounds are self- inflicted in california. this is a state that 30 years ago limited property taxes. now the state revenue has declined in the cannot afford it. it is a state required a two- thirds vote on the legislature to pass a budget. small minority in california can bring gridlock. there is talk of re-visiting these rules. host: next question or comment comes from the democrats' line. this caller is from new jersey. guescaller: in new jersey we haa sales tax, a real-estate tax, we have casinos, tol
Jul 4, 2009 5:30pm EDT
.ncicaprg-- this week on "inside washington." the u.s. loses a half a million jobs in june anthe california state budget goes into intensive care. >>e don't have the money to pay ourills. >> iraqcelebrate the departure of amerin forces from theirity. >> al qda and its affiliates cannot set up safe havens om which to attack americans. supreme courrules in favor of white firefhters w claid reverse discrimination. >> if you work hard you can succeed in america. >> the south carolina gov. feeds more ammunition to his opponents. welcome to "inside washin." gord peterson is on vacation. the economic news is bleak unemployme is at a 26-year hi. >> figuresreleased this morning showed we lost 467,000 jobs last month. >> for more bad news jus look west >> want the legislature to cometo the table and recognize have to get rid of t waste going on in government and live within our mns. we canno pmise any more things we cannot delive >> arnt -- models schwaenegger's golden ste is drowni. -- arnold schwarzenger's boen state is owning. california issuing iou's to its creditors. this raised questions about t effective
Jul 30, 2009 6:30pm EDT
obama. dos organizaciones demandan a california por su incapacidad ofrecer protecciÓn y segidad a las decenas de miles que trabajan en los campos. y el gobierno o terino de honduras suavi el tono. >>> este este es estusu noticie univisiÓntaa@jk con jorge ramos marÍa elena salinas >>> buenas noches hoy comenzamos en estados unidos para que tenga un nuevo sistema de salud el principal problema son los 46 millones de persona que fno tienen seguro mÉdico pero la propuesta de el presidente obaÉ alto costo de un nuevo sistema mÉdico y todos tienen algo que decir antes de tomar un mes de descanso como nos explica lo lourdes desde washington. >>> demÓcratas liberales y conservadores siguen enfrascados en tensas negociaciones dme la cÁmara para obtener el apoyo de 52 demÓcratas conservadores como Él llamado (nombre en inglÉs) afirma que tÍan que calmar a hospitales y mÉdicos. e con el plan pÚblico se paga algo bÁsico que no queremo servicio sÍ estÁn bajo que los doctores y el hospitales no dan el servicio a quiÉn vamos ayudar. >>> pero los mÁs liberales d de partido quieren u
Jul 4, 2009 4:00am EDT
narcotic. >> this is a huge business. in california alone it ishe nuer one crop. >> have 13 gardens within a mile radius. >> 13 gardens. >> wow. >> thousds of owers, millions of usersnd a mart in the billns. >> how much money was cong in to your marijuana smuggling operation evy year? >> aut $50 millio >> it is a multibillion dollar business, rife with guns, gangs and plenty of moy. i'm trish regan. join me for anunpress dent look inside america's marijna industry. >> i'm re to eradicate the scum that hinfiltrated my unty. and made it nationally own as a procer county of good marijuana. >> and now, the cnbcoriginal documentar marijuana inc.: inside america's pot instry." >> the scene, county fair. twohours from san francisco, but a world away from the urban bustle. here, families stroll t fair grnds, future frs examine prize vestock. this is northern california's mendocincounty at first glance, a picture postcard of the far st. but beneath its beauty lies a controversia profitable and increasingly viole criminal enterpse. >> five pounds here. and thenr pounds in the baby crib. right here.
FOX News
Jul 2, 2009 6:16pm EDT
. thanks, molly. if the state of california oze you some money, don't plan on spending it at any time soon. after calling for splitting iraq into three parts, joe biden is now charged with getting it back together politically. ♪ weekendville, togetherville, tastyville, feed your summer fun with the full, juicy flavor of johnsonville sausage. johnsonville. sausage is all we do. thank you so much. constipation's uncomfortable enough, so why take a harsh laxative? phillips' caplets work naturally with your colon... for overnight relief without cramps. phillips' caplets. now every drop of shell gasolines... contain a nitrogen-enriched cleaning system... that seeks and destroys engine gunk... left by lower-quality gasoline. it protects engines from performance-robbing gunk. try new nitrogen-enriched shell gasolines. >> we told you earlier that vice president joe bide subpoena on a surprise trip to iraq. wendell goler reports biden has a new job and is pushing a very different policy. >> on the flight over, vice president biden told reporters he will be pushing iraq's leaders to make as much p
Jul 29, 2009 11:00pm EDT
young leader is heading to be the reigning champion. stay tuned. >> los angeles, california. where dreams are made and the stars come to shine. and this week those dreams and stars coming together for one thing. and games 15. hello, my friends. sal inside the staples center. since we're right down the road from hollywood, here's my one minute pitch for a blockbuster. first up, travis pastrana. he's back. the man with the double back flip returning the moto x trip for the first time in three years with the trip that makes the double back look easy. then james stewart. that one. the fastest moto racer on dirt. making his x-games debut with style. in three events. you'll see the leading man prepare the very first big air rail jam. then bob burnquist trying to complete the trilogy as he shoots for the mighty three piece. x-games big air is in production. last coverage starts thursday, 8:00 eastern on espn. >> i'm eric karabell with your fantasy news. let's look at a few starting pitchers throwing on thursday. the royals' luke hochevar emerging before our eyes, won his last four decisio
Jul 22, 2009 7:00am EDT
the fight on california state budget. "washington journal" starts now. >> i can guarantee you, that when we do pass this bill, history will record the demands of the endless delay and analysts debate in the news cycle but the hard work done by members of congress to pass the bill and the fact that the people who sent us here to washington insisted upon change. that is the work we have come here to do and i look forward to working with congress and the days to head -- i had to getting the job done. thank you, everybody. >> -- host: today is wednesday, july 22. president barack obama holds a meeting with the iraqi prime minister today and then holds a prime time news conference this evening. vice-president joe biden traveling in the u.k. and in georgia and then bernanke will testify before the senate banking committee. on capitol hill democrats continue negotiations on health care reform. in "the new york times" has the headline, defining moment for the president. how he handles the issues of the next several weeks could shape the rest of his presidency, shed light on political
Jul 21, 2009 9:00am EDT
. >> california, they put it in a store. it's like, here. >> like kids in a candy store. >> speaking of marijuana, california has a budget plan. but do they need an oil plan, too? in other words, is drugs and drilling the only way out for california. we know the marijuana story, but what about the beautiful speeches off the coast of santa barbara? let's start drill something what i say. >> drill, baby, drill. >> and this could go bad. we could also solve the budget crisis. we will be back after this. spectacular. women who drink crystal light drink 20% more water. crystal light. make a delicious change. i'm glad anticavity listerine® smart rinse™ attracts stuff like a magnet, then shows it in the sink. ewww. gross. cool! (announcer) listerine® smart rinse™. save, visit >>> welcome back. a quarter way through the meeting. nice to see you. we have been talking about health care, and also too big to fail. and obama is trying to rally the democrats on this one, and he admits the democrats are not where they need to be. and think of the new york nix, they spend a lot of money but
Jul 21, 2009 4:00pm EDT
dader, bruce mccain, appreciate your time tonight. as we saw, california looks like it's reached a deal to balance the budget. does the end of one problem open a can of worms for another? what does it mean for the nation's largest issuer of muni bonds? we'll get into it next. [ engine revving ] [ engine powers down ] gentlemen, you booked your hotels on orbitz. well, the price went down, so you're all getting a check thanks. for the difference. except for you -- you didn't book with orbitz, so you're not getting a check. well, i think we've all learned a valuable lesson today. good day, gentlemen. thanks a lot. thank you. introducing hotel price assurance, where if another orbitz customer books the same hotel for less, we send you a check for the difference, automatically. has the fastest hands boxing has ever seen. so i've come to this ring to see who's faster... on the internet. i'll be using the 3g at&t laptopconnect card. he won't. so i can browse the web faster, email business plans faster. all on the go. i'm bill kurtis and i'm faster than floyd mayweather. (announcer) switch to t
Jul 31, 2009 5:30am EDT
campo,tiene que california proteja a los campesinos que trabajan en duras jornadas. hoy presentarÁn una demanda sin precedentes. >> ha pasado mÁs de un aÑo desde la muerte de la campesina isabel vÁzquez,quien muriÓ junto al bebÉ que llevaba en el vientre,no sÓlo debido a la inaniciÓn provocada por trabajar bajo el sol,sino como resultado de las condiciones de trabajo en los campos agrÍcolas de california. >> creo yo que no los toman como seres humanos. >> a pesar de una multa de mÁs de un cuarto de millÓn de dÓlares contra la compaÑÍa donde trabajaba isabel vÁzquez,el lÍder del sindicato,dice que poco las cosas han cambiado. >> en una acciÓn sin precedentes el sindicato y la uniÓn de libertades civiles,presentaron una demanda en contra del gobierno de california,al que acusan de no vigilar el cumplimiento de las leyes de seguridad laboral en el campo. >> el sistema de protecciÓn esta fracasando. cuando el estado investiga a los campos, no hacen suficientes multas, y no verifican que las condiciones peligrosas sean corregidas. >> hubieron 15 muertes ya,en los Últimos c
Jul 5, 2009 9:00am EDT
washington." the u.s. loses half a million jobs in june and the california state budget goes into intensive care. >> we don't have the money to pay our bills. >> i iraqis celebrate the departure is -- celebrate the parture of american forces from their city. >> al qaeda can not set up safe havens from which to attack americans. >> the supreme court rules in favor of white firefighters who claimed reverse discrimination. >> if you work hard you can succeed in america. >> south carolina's governor needs more ammunition for his opponents. >> welcome to of "inside washington." gordon peterson is on vacation. the economic news is bleak. unemployment is at a 20 cents- year high. -- it is at a 26-year high. >> we lost 467,000 jobs last month. >> for more bad news just look west. >> come to the table to negotiate and recognize that we need to get rid of the waste going on in government and we cannot promise any more people things we cannot deliver. >> arnold schwarzenegger's state is drowning. the state legislature is deadlocked on how to balance the budget. california is issuing iou's to itsredito
Jul 23, 2009 2:05am EDT
an intervening speaker on the other side of the aisle, the senator from california be recognized for five minutes. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. lautenberg: mr. president? the presiding officer: the senator from new jersey. mr. lautenberg: mr. president, i rise in strong opposition to the amendment that's being offered because it would override our safety laws, gun safety laws in my state and other states across the country. the thune amendment is an outright violation of states' rights. this -- the fact is that this vote isn't about the second amendment. it's not about gun rights. it's about respecting local communities and letting them make their own decisions about how to keep their streets, their homes, and their businesses safe. mr. president, as this dangerous amendment gets pushed to a vote, we are seeing opposition grow across this country. in addition to newspaper editorials, we're seeing governors and mayors and local law enforcement calling on the senate to vote against this amendment. this placard shows the wide manufacture ranging groups opposing this amendment. group
Jul 8, 2009 7:00pm EDT
up too much? >>> and california's budget crisis. incredibly worsening by the day. state keeps trying to hand out ious. which it owes even more. stay with us. >>> in california the budget stalemate costs the state $25 million a day on top of a deficit that has already approaching $30 billion. in the past week, people that do tax refunds, vendors expecting payments and people on public assistance received ious instead of checks. among the hardest hitting with medical care providers for the poor. casey wian reports. >> reporter: the venice family clinic in los angeles is the nation's largest provider of free medical care for low-income patients. it sees 400 people a day, from the indigent to the working poor. but some of those services may soon be cut because about 20% of the clinic's funding comes from the state of california which is mired in a budget crisis. already, some health care clinics and other state contractors are are receiving ious because california is short of cash. >> essentially the state is balancing its cash flow needs on the backs of agencies that serve the poor and
FOX News
Jul 3, 2009 12:00am EDT
. next, stan i slaus national forest in california where millions will be spent to tear down trees that burned in a fire. in 1973! wow, that sounds urgent to me. then, from akron, ohio, $1 million to build a fence on a bridge to keep people from committing suicide by jumping off the bridge. fremont, nebraska, is home to number 98 where your stimulus money will be spent on historical replica lighting all along main street. number 97 comes from the om my -- omni buss bill, $800,000 for catfish genome research. a local cook told us he doesn't think it will make for a tastier catfish sandwich. next, in helena, montana they want to spend more than $3 million in improvements to a state-run liquor warehouse, including adding skylights. yeah, warm beer has to be everyone's favorite. next, a $25 million grant for the state wind testing center. maryland is home to an interesting use of the stimulus money. number 94 on our list might be the smallest but the $250 stimulus check sent to a woman who has been dead 40 years might be the most ridiculous. nuck 93 takes us to narc iowa, -- nashua, ne
Jul 29, 2009 5:00am EDT
cuando la asociaciÓn de abogados de de california le negÓ hacer el examen para platicar la profesiÓn >>> mucha gracias lo mÁs i insÓlito el no te ner una tarjea de crÉdito fue que le negaron la solicitud, hasta el propio gobernador iven tnter cediÓ y calificÓ este acto como atroz. ( ♪ mÚsica ♪ ) >>> sarah necesita un ventilador para respirar ella esh@h@txñyt hecho plejica en mayo se graduÓ de abogada. su sueÑo ayudar a los necesitados. >>> aquÍ es muy, muy dificil >>> a la joven de 29 aÑos sÓlo le faltaba el examen >>> estaba llorando, por telÉfono >>> y es que lo que le informaron que la asociaciÓn de abogados de california rechazÓ la aplicaciÓn electrÓnica porque estaba incompleta a sarah le faltÓ poner la tarjeta de crÉdito pero lo mÁs raro que hace hasta meses antes, habÍa mandado el cheque para tomar la prueba el gobernador envÍo una carta a la corte suprema, insisto que pueda tomar el examen de la asociaciÓn de abogados en california, >>> nunca uno sabe. creo que nunca sabes quÉ va pasar. >>> y la ley, se puso de su lado. aceptaron darle el examen,
Jul 6, 2009 2:00pm EDT
. >> $3 billion does note sound like a lot with california's $23 billion just on the deficit. >> i am a california resident and i'm sure all the money would respect. 7% of all retail sales now or online. that's the activity that is not taxed at the state level. there is an open gee as to whether they should be exempt from taxes. >> that seems to be the issue mark. i want you to make the case and respond. if i have to pay on a purchase on which is ralph lauren, but i don't have to pay on amazon, it would appear that that's unfair. >> there a couple of reason yes people purchase. there is price savings and there is a tax advantage too. there is convenience and selection and a retail experience that we all experience. there is a bit of a tax advantage that companies have at some level benefitted from and amazon in areas especially international is showing hyper growth. >> why do the retailers care enough to have you making the case some. >> the internet has never been tax-free and is not today. they select a sales tax from you. the supreme court found that the state system with
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for joining us. >> our pleasure. >> states trying to balance their budge budgets and it is not just california. the budget battle could come to your hometown next. glenn: do you ever lay awake at night and wish you had a juggler on hand to explain the role of government interference in our lives, or maybe a big pile of monopoly money to make sense of foreign debt? lucky day for you! look no further. roferred this show every day at 5:00 p.m. eastern, i mean, i'm there for you, baby, you know what i'm saying? i think i made most of the audience just throw up in their mouth just a little bit. there nothing like a little glenn after hours. oh, i did it again. remember, midnight snack and a side of me. they took away my m&m's and replaced them with grapes. i am grossing america out like crazy. every day, record the show, 5:00 eastern. i never thought it could happen to me... a heart attack at 53. i had felt fine. but turns out... my cholesterol and other risk factors... increased my chance of a heart attack. i should've done something. now, i trust my heart to lipitor. when diet and exercise are no
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for california's budget woes for now. and i'm joni. we've been best friends since we were two. we've always been alike. we even both have osteoporosis. but we're active. especially when we vacation. so when i heard about reclast, the only once-a-year iv osteoporosis treatment, i called joni. my doctor said reclast helps restrengthen our bones to help make them resistant to fracture for twelve whole months. and reclast is approved to help protect from fracture in more places: hip, spine, even other bones. (announcer) you should never take reclast if you're on zometa, have low blood calcium, kidney problems. or you're pregnant, plan to become pregnant or nursing. take calcium and vitamin d daily. tell your doctor if you develop severe muscle, bone or joint pain or if you have dental problems, as rarely, jaw problems have been reported. the most common side effects include flu-like symptoms, fever, muscle or joint pain and headache. nothing strengthens you like an old friendship. but when it comes to our bones, we both look to reclast. you've gotta ask your doctor! once-a-year reclast. year-long pr
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in schools, teaching children to express their feelings; and the latest on the deal to resolve california's budget crisis. major funding for the newshour with jim lehrer is provided by: what the world needs now is energy, the energy to get the economy humming again. the energy to tackle challenges like climate change. what if that energy came from an energy company? every day chevron invests $62 million in people and ideas, seeking, teaching, building. fueling growth around the world to move us all ahead. this is the power of human energy. chevron. >> intel. supporting math and science education for tomorrow's innovators. the atlantic philanthropies. and with the ongoing support of these institutions and foundations. and... this program was made possible by the corporation for public broadcasting. and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. >> lehrer: president obama pressed again for consensus on health care reform today. in a series of appearances, he appealed for action in the face of mounting resistance. newshour health correspondent betty ann bowser has
Jul 3, 2009 12:00pm EDT
. under california law, row is first in line for any biological children. >> i'd be surprised if she stirred the pot, that would have an impact on the children. i don't think she wants to see it happen. >> a custody hearing is set for july 13th. >>> stay with us for complete coverage on michael's death and his memorial service and remember wjz is always on along with the story, go to >>> baltimore city's lawsuit against wells fargo will move forward. a judge rejected the motion to dismiss the suit. they're charged of targeting african-americans for sub-prime loans and it cost the city tens of millions of dollars in lost revenue. >>> summaries departments in washington d.c. are upset after police carry out what appeared to be a raid in their neighborhood. it turns out it was all fake, staged for a discovery show, neighbors say they were never warn and it became unnecessarily frightened when they saw the cops on their street. they promise to notify d.c. police about future shoots. >>> metro officials said red line trains have returned for fourth of july weekend. trains ha
Jul 28, 2009 11:30pm EDT
california firmÓ un nuevo presupuesto estatal. por primera vez en la historia los turistas en mÉxico tendrÁn derecho a un seguro de salud gratis. y este padre recibe una pelota de bÉisbol con un brazo y con el otro sostiene a su hijo. >> esta es su noticiero univisiÓn Última hora. >> buenas noches, gracias por estar con nosotros. comenzamos con una noticia en pleno desarrollo. las frases entre venezuela y colombia se tornaron tensas. rmícíkyd@kph@h@t[dxrmqjgkph@hÁs h@h@h@t[dxrmzzrkph@h@h@t[dxrmvu en cuanto a rango diplomÁtico. vamos a congelar las reacios con colombia. >> las reacciones en colombia no se hicieron esperar. h@h@t[dxrmtggkph@h@t[dxrmpÑwkph protestar,estÁ demostrado que las farc tienen armas. >> una crisis que comenzÓ con la autorizaciÓn de colombia a estados unidos para utilizar bases militares. >> cuando Él estaba en irÁn, >> ademÁs como un vÍdeo del jefe militar de las farc involucra a los mandatarios de ecuador y venezuela con la guerrilla. >> la importancia estratÉgica de mantener amistad y confianza con los gobiernos de venezuela y ecuador,por sus tendencia
Jul 28, 2009 5:00pm EDT
a special recognition to mr. bilbray the gentleman from california, who over several congresses has championed this legislation, including the initial beach act. the persistence with which mr. bilbray pursues matters is remarkable. to say the least. he has sing -- he is single minded in his pursuit of this particular issue. and we have here a very splendid, bipartisan bill that improves on the previous legislation, improves on the practices of the previous administration, which, frankly, neglected the needs of beaches. we provide state and local governments greater authority to use a portion after their -- of their beach grant funds to identify courses -- sources of quality, track ongoing pollutions to coastal recreation waters and establish the validation of a rapid testing method which all members of this body, which represent coastal area, whether the freshwater coast or the saltwater coast, have strongly urged. this legislation will define rapid testing as a method that can produce results as soon as practicable but not more than six hours after commencement of the test. all the
Jul 19, 2009 7:00pm EDT
to conceive. it's digital. it's easy. >>> it had been nearly a year since donna paulsifer left california, vanishing with her children in the summer of 1969. then, suddenly, she returned. her ex-husband learned about it from mutual friends. during all this time she hadn't called you, she had -- >> never heard a word. never. >> donna had been living in illinois with mike kent, her boyfriend, whom she would soon marry. and now, nearly a year after she first left california, she was unexpectedly back. but she had only one of dick's children with her. his son, rich jr. >> saw her, talked to her, where's michelle? she's with friends. i said no, no, no, that don't work. i said where's she at? i want to talk to her. i want to see her. and i want to know where she's at. that's none of your business. >> none of your business? >> none of my business. that's exactly what she said. >> donna, however, did allow dick to take his young son for a ride. and during this ride, rich jr., who was still 6 years old, said some alarming things. he, too, had no idea where his little sister was. hadn't seen her in
Jul 30, 2009 6:00am EDT
acronym calgama. it stands for california leafy greens marketing handling agreement. and we're also going to be talking about the proposed nationalization of that agreement. the hearing will focus on bagged or value added leafy greens ready to eat. consumers are quite familiar with those products. and look at the role of private industry and government in regulating these products. and the economic, environmental and food safety impacts of that regulation. now, without objection, the chair and the ranking minority member will have five minutes to make opening statements, followed by opening statements that -- of other members, not to exceed three minutes by any member who seeks recognition. without objection, members and witnesses have five legislative days to submit a written statement or extraneous materials for the record. and without objection, the chairman and ranking member will each have ten minutes for questions in the first round, after which we'll proceed under the five-minute rule. pre-cut, packaged, leafy greens marked as ready-to-eat have become increasingly popular. ca
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Jul 29, 2009 1:00am EDT
, and report on the budget battle in california. some big is happening here that will affect you directly -- up next, a report on the budget battle. and teh beehe beer >> the hunt is on for a cold- blooded killer in massachusetts. a pregnant woman has been found murdered in her apartment yesterday. the baby was removed from our will. they believe the mother was killed days ago. -- the baby was removed from her. womb. they believe the mother was killed days ago. police have and raided the home of dr. murray who gave michael jackson a powerful anesthetic that may have killed him. and sonia sotomayor is getting closer to becoming the first hispanic justice on the u.s. supreme court. now back to "the record. ." make a deal. we are live in los angeles, california, and today, in a sacramento, governor arnold schwarzenegger signed the $24 billion budget. >> this budget is kind of like the good, the bad, and the ugly -- in sacramento. the good because great things were done. we did not raise taxes. we made government live within its means. we made the necessary cuts to be responsible. the bad it is s
Jul 21, 2009 6:30pm EDT
>>> on our broadcast tonight -- drastic measures in the state of california. no money, huge cuts. the state is going to have to sell off merchandise to make money. this could happen where you live. >>> can they do that? credit card companies finding new ways to separate customers from their money. buyer beware. >>> what happened? a world famous professor at harvard is confronted by police in his own home, was it because of his race? >>> new orders, some thoroughly modern monks doing good by doing well. an example of what works. >>> wheel of fortune, cycling legend. lance armstrong back on the bike. what is the one thing that could slow him down now? what is the one thing that could slow him down now? "nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening. california is our biggest state in terms of population and it long ago ran out of money. they have got nothing to pay the vendors they owe and they have struck a deal for more cuts. and these are going to hurt. they're going to allow offshore drilling for the money it will bring in. the l.a. ti
Jul 10, 2009 6:30pm EDT
. >>> major mess. california's budget crisis keeps getting worse. and banks are beginning to refuse the state's ious. >>> grave injustice. families are furious as four cemetery workers are charged with digging up coffins and then reselling the burial plots. >>> and, the little girl with the artful idea. a 7-year-old is our "person of the artful idea. a 7-year-old is our "person of the week." captions paid for by abc, inc. >>> good evening. in the automotive time trial, gm speed through bankruptcy in just 40 days, coming out today. all lightning fast. but now comes the hard part. with sales down, and drivers demands changing, gm faces considerable challenges. the stakes are high for taxpayers. the government has invested $50 billion, and owns 61% of the new general motors. a new general motors that is certainly a lot leaner. half as many brands of cars, 25% fewer employees. chris bury is in detroit again this evening. chris? >> reporter: good evening, charlie. after a round the clock race by bankruptcy lawyers, coffee gave way to champagne today, and here at company headquarters, they celebrat
Jul 25, 2009 6:30pm EDT
. breathe right. >> glor: after months of negotiations, the california legislature yesterday passed a tough budget that contains the biggest cuts to services and education the state has ever seen. and it's still might not be enough. sandra hughes has more. >> reporter: it was gridlock on a northern california freeway after a truck spilled its load and there was no one to clean it up. workers had to be brought from home because it was furlough friday, the day transportation workers are forced to stay home without pay. >> it's a sign of things to come i'm sure. >> reporter: he's right. welcome to the new california. from highways to schools to health clinics, cutback toss balance california's budget are deep and drastic. >> the damage is pretty serious. this is-- this is not just a-- a minor illness that we have. this is a pretty deep-seated disease. >> reporter: $6 billion will be cut from kindergarten through community college education, another $3 billion from state universities. that means fewer classes and 20% higher fees. that's $1,000 a year more for students like whitney thompson, a c
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